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Welcome to register as a member on Echemi website, You can enjoy the service we offered. At the same time, you should obey the relevant rules and fulfill obligations after your register. Please read all the terms carefully before you register, if you have any questions, you can consult Echemi. Registering in Echemi indicates that you accept the terms and conditions set forth below.


1) Customer has the right to have own account and password on Echemi, and has the right to use own account and password to access to Echemi.

2) Customer has the right to buy commodity on Echemi.

3) Customer has the right to evaluate the services Echemi.


1) Customer must be individuals, juridical person or other organization with complete civil conductive capacity.

2) Customer is obliged to provide correct information when registering, and make sure that your basic information is valid and correct, such as company name, Email address, contact number, contact address, zip code and so on. Also, customer will not be allowed to use other people’s information to register or certificate. If the information customer provided is not correct, Echemi has rights to terminate the service offered.

3) Customer should not borrow or transfer his/her account and password to others. If customer finds his/her account is used illegally by others, customer should inform Echemi immediately.

4) The order has been confirmed by customer on Echemi has contract sanction, customer must perform the order seriously.


1) According to the agreement customers confirmed, Echemi will provide you Zendesk to communicate with others.

2) Echemi has the right to copy and save your information on server, and use the information to contact you for your benefit.

3) Echemi has the right to delete the information or link which violates laws and regulations, software license agreement and other regulations at any time, including the information which are suspected by Echemi with reasonability.

4) Echemi is under no obligation to supervise you using Zendesk. However, Echemi has the right to terminate your use of Zendesk at any time.

5) Echemi reserves the right to disclose any information according to the request of applicable laws and regulations, legal procedure or government at any time. Also, Echemi has the right to edit or delete part or all of information and materials.

6) Echemi guarantees that Zendesk is legal and this software is provided by “Current Situation”. Zendesk does not have any malicious code and it has no damage to your computer’s data and your privacy.


1) Customers violate any terms in this agreement or the scope of engagement.

2) Echemi will terminate the service according to related description of the agreement.

3) Customers make definitive expression that they will not accept new service agreement when the agreement is terminated or updated.

4) Echemi cannot verify or identify any material you provide to Echemi.

Any other situation like information violate Internet related laws and regulations or Echemi thinks the termination of service is needed.

When the service is terminated, Echemi does not have the obligation to reserve any information in original account. Also, Echemi does not have any obligations to forward or send out the unread message to customers or the third party. Regardless of terminating service with any reason and any way, Echemi still has the right to:

(1) reserve or not reserve the customer's registration data or former transaction record;

(2) reserve the right to recourse to customers’ illegal act or default when carried out before the termination of service. In addition, you have to agree with that Echemi will not take any responsibility to you or any third party on terminating your use of the service.


You have the right to buy and evaluate the commodity and/or service, process the transaction dispute, and other service on Echemi platform. To get more information about services we offered, you can lo gin and browse Echemi platform.


[The buy of commodity and/or service]

When you buy commodity and/or service on Echemi platform, please confirm carefully about the commodity's name, price, quantity, model, specification, size or service's time, content, restrictive requirements and other important matters. Also verify your contact address, number, name and other information when you place order.

Your purchasing behavior should be based on real consumer demand, and the behavior like malicious buy of commodity and/or service, malicious rights protection or any other behavior can disturb normal trade order on Echemi platform cannot exist. Based on the needs to maintain, Echemi platform's normal trade order and transaction safety, Echemi can do the behavior like shut down related order when Echemi discover the situation of close contact.


You have the right to evaluate the commodity and/or service you have bought from other customers in evaluation system provided by Echemi platform. You should understand, the evaluation information you have made on Echemi platform is public, if you do not want to open your identify information in evaluation information, you have the right to evaluate anonymously.

All of your evaluation should abide by Echemi platform's regulation, and also the evaluation should be objective and real, and without any bestial words, pornographic and vulgar information, advertisement, and any information forbid by laws and regulations and the agreement; you should not help other customer to promote credit by improper way or use the right of evaluation to threat and defraud other customer. Echemi can delete or shield the evaluation information related to the above behavior according to relevant regulation of Echemi platform's regulation.

[The way of transaction dispute process]

When you and other customer are in dispute during the transaction, you and other customer both have the right to choose the way below to process:

(A) Independently consult with the opposite side;

(B) Use the service of dispute mediation offered by Echemi platform;

(C) Request consumer's association or lawfully established mediation organization to mediate;

(D) Complain to relevant administration department;

(E) Submit arbitration agency to arbitrate based on arbitration agreement reached with the opposite side;

(F) Appeal to the People's Court which has jurisdiction on Echemi.

If you are not satisfied with the dispute decision, you still have the right to process dispute though other way of dispute process, but you should still perform the dispute decision before the other way of dispute process has not make a decision.

If you are not satisfied with the service we offer during the transaction on Echemi, you can advise to us, and also you can appeal to related departments or the People's Court which has jurisdiction on Echemi.

Through the Site, Echemi provides an electronic web-based platform for exchanging information between buyers and suppliers of products and services. Echemi does not represent the seller nor the buyer in specific transactions and does not charge any commissions from completing any transactions. As a result, during the transactions between the buyers and suppliers, Echemi does not control and is not liable to or responsible for the quality and safety of all of the products or services offered for sale on the Site or the ability of all of the suppliers to complete a sale or the ability of all of the buyers to complete a purchase.


[Applicable law]

This agreement's formation, into effect, explanation, amendment, supplement, termination, execution and dispute resolution are all apply to the mainland's law of People Republic of China; if there have no relevant provisions in laws and regulations, refer to business practice and/or industry practice.

Changes of the content shall not give you further notice.

Final interpretation power of this Privacy Policy is belong to ECHEMI.COM

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